PETRONAS Tutela WB Grease
PETRONAS Tutela WB Grease
Long description:

PETRONAS TUTELA WB Grease provides excellent structural and chemical stability, high resistance to water wash out and provides excellent protection against wear and shock loads. WB Grease is an extreme pressure Lithium complex grease specially developed for the transport industry and its wheel bearing applications. Formulated with selected mineral base oils enhanced with Lithium Complex 12-hydroxystearate soap, polymers, advanced extreme pressure, antioxidant, anti-rust and corrosion inhibitor additives.

Viscosity: NLGI 2.5
Industry Specifications:Extreme Pressure Lithium Complex Grease : NLGI 2.5
Application(s) - For Consumers pages: Agricultural Equipment, Light-duty Commercial Vehicle (LCV), Construction, Quarry & Mining, Heavy-Duty Vehicle (HD)
Sector(s) - For Businesses page: Road Transport