Turbine Oil
Petronas Jenteram SYN
Long description:

PETRONAS Jenteram SYN Series are supreme performance synthetic turbine oils specially developed for use in modern steam, light and heavy duty gas turbines, combined cycle turbines with or without associated gear drives.

Viscosity: 68
Industry Specifications:AGMA 9005-F16 Un-Geared ASTM D4304 Type I, II and III Geared & Un-Geared BRITISH STANDARD BS 489 Un-Geared DIN 51515 Part I and II Un-Geared DIN 51524 Part I Un-Geared GB 11120-2011 L-TSA and L-TGA Indian Standard IS 1012 Un-Geared ISO 8068 L-TSA & L-TGA Un-Geared ISO 8068 L-TSE & L-TGE Geared ISO 11158 HH and HL Un-Geared JIS K2213 Type 2 Un-Geared
Approvals / Meet Requirement - Only for IML:ALSTOM HTGD 90117 FIVES CINCINNATI P-38 GEK 101941A Geared GEK 121608 Geared GEK 27070 Un-Geared GEK 28143B Type 1 Un-Geared GEK 32568K Un-Geared GEK 46506E Un-Geared SIEMENS Std 65/0027 Issue 7 Geared SIEMENS AG TLV 9013 04 Geared SIEMENS AG TLV 9013 05 Advanced Thermal Stability Geared Solar ES 9224 Class II Geared
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