Turbine Oil
Petronas Jenteram G
Long description:

PETRONAS Jenteram G Series are premium performance turbine oils specially developed for use in modern steam, light and heavy-duty gas turbines, combined cycle turbines with or without associated gear boxes.

Viscosity: 46
Industry Specifications:AGMA 9005-F16 Un-Geared ASTM D4304 Type I, II and III Geared & Un-Geared BRITISH STANDARD BS 489 Un-Geared DIN 51515 Part I and II Un-Geared DIN 51524 Part I Un-Geared GB 11120-2011 L-TSA and L-TGA Indian Standard IS 1012 Un-Geared ISO 8068 L-TSA & L-TGA Un-Geared ISO 8068 L-TSE & L-TGE Geared ISO 11158 HH and HL Un-Geared JIS K2213 Type 2 Un-Geared
Approvals / Meet Requirement - Only for IML:ALSTOM HTGD 90117 FIVES CINCINNATI P-38 GEK 101941A Geared GEK 121608 Geared GEK 27070 Un-Geared GEK 28143B Type 1 Un-Geared GEK 32568K Un-Geared GEK 46506E Un-Geared SIEMENS Std 65/0027 Issue 7 Geared SIEMENS AG TLV 9013 04 Geared SIEMENS AG TLV 9013 05 Advanced Thermal Stability Geared Solar ES 9224 Class II Geared
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